Why this course?

You've probably sat through some awful speeches in your time. Can you remember why you tuned out? Most speeches end up boring the audience for the same three reasons. The speaker didn't plan; didn't focus on the message; and didn't gel with the audience. This course teaches you how to leave a lasting impression.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The journey ahead

    • Tips on how to get the most out of this course

  • 2

    What makes a great speech

    • How will you be remembered?

  • 3

    Know your audience

    • These are the only people who matter

  • 4

    Think of one big takeaway

    • Stay focused on your key message

  • 5

    Don't waste your intro

    • Making a great first impression

  • 6

    What is a story?

    • How to craft the perfect story and weave it through your speech

  • 7

    How to surprise your audience

    • Tell them something they don't know

  • 8

    Write like you talk

    • Hear your voice when you're writing your speech

  • 9

    Have a structure

    • The beginning, middle and end

  • 10

    Quote an expert

    • Using third party anecdotes and endorsements to validate your point

  • 11

    Anticipate questions

    • What would you ask if you were listening?

  • 12

    Repeat and reinforce

    • Underline your key takeaway more than three times

  • 13

    Using humour and other emotions

    • How do you want your audience to feel?

  • 14

    Be human

    • Get people to buy into you

  • 15

    Imagery and props

    • Visual ways to be more memorable

  • 16

    Wraping it all up

    • And finally...

  • 17

    Before you go

    • Test what you've learned

  • 18

    Bonus lesson

    • A word about body language

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