Why bespoke?

When you're so close to your business it can be difficult to clarify your brand message on your own. If you want to take your storytelling to another level, then call in one of our experienced instructors.

Storytelling workshops

Our bespoke sessions are hugely popular among companies who want a little extra help from someone experienced who can look at their business with a fresh pair of eyes. We'll guide you through the six-part story formula and lead you and your team through a process to find a new North Star narrative for your business. Once we've done that, we can write the narrative for you so that you have a clear direction of travel for all of your marketing communications. We can even create the marketing assets for you. Bespoke workshops last a full day and can take place on your premises, ours, or somewhere neutral, anywhere in the world.

Speaker engagements

If you want to inspire small or large groups of people in your organisation to embrace business storytelling, then you can book one of our instructors to come and give a talk at sales meetings, marketing events, creative off-site days, conferences, even board meetings. We can turn up on the day and give an inspiring talk on business storytelling that can last as little as ten minutes or as long as two hours. The talk can cover storytelling theory (made relevant to your audience), case studies, the formula for successful storytelling, plus video and other graphic examples of how business storytelling has helped other companies like yours. This is a great way to switch people's mindset and embrace a new way of thinking so that they leave the session equipped with the tools to create their own business stories.


You may have a launch coming up. You may be working on a new marketing campaign. You may be planning an event. Whatever it is, we can bring some fresh thinking and ideas to the table. Hire our team to come in and listen, recommend and advise on your upcoming campaign, launch or event. And if you need help executing, we can provide a team of creatives, content writers and designers who can steer your campaign to a successful business outcome.